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7 Things to Do in Russia This Winter

Date: 27.07.2019

Winter is coming. If you don’t want it to surprise you, and would like to spend it better than the previous one, take a look at the traveler's check-list we have made. You don’t necessarily need to follow all the suggestions. Even one of these points will make your winter unforgettable.


7 things to do this winter:

1. Visit the biggest ice rink of Russia

All the territory of an ice-covered lake Baikal will be at your disposal! None of the human made rinks can be compared to a shining surface of the purest lake in the world. In late February the ice here is up to two meters thick, but still you can see algae, oxygen bubbles and fish through it.


2. Watch the brightest fireworks

During New Year and Christmas celebrations, thousands of fireworks light up the sky. But the most unique one, the Northern Lights, can be seen not only in the holiday night. Click here to see when and where you can see the beautiful nature’s phenomenon in Russia.


3. Stay in two places at once

We are sure that one of the most popular wishes for the New Year is to travel a lot and to see as much as possible. For being in two places at once no miracle is needed. With visiting Svalbard which belongs to Norway, you can also come to Russian settlement of Barentsburg which is located there as well.


4. Solve a mystery

Winter is a magical time and it is perfect for discovering secrets. Karelia keeps a lot of them in its snowy forests. Cozy old villages, hidden roads in the woods, little islands — in a snowmobile trip between Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega you will touch history of the North and reveal some of its mysteries.


5. Visit the realm of permafrost

Global warming turns the “true Russian winter” into a myth, as everyone has heard about it, but only few have really experienced it. Would you like to come to the truly cold place? Oymyakon is one of the coldest spots, not only in Russia, but also in the world. If you want to see how people live in the place where sometimes temperature drops to -71.2°С, go to the Sakha Republic! A good reason to use a scarf your grandma made for you last year.


6. Spend a night in a very unusual place

They say winter is the time of miracles. If there is no one who can make a miracle for you, do it yourself. For example, you can wake up in a raw-hide tent surrounded by reindeer and snowy tundra.


7. Ski on a volcano

Russia has a lot of places for skiing; however, there is only one place where you could ski down the slopes of a true volcano to the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Just look, that is one of the best ways to discover Russia.


Do you need some help in organising one of those activities? Call +7 (495) 125-28-08 or email us at, and we will help you!