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Travel gift voucher

Date: 24.04.2021

Have a friend that dreams of a trip to Lake Baikal? Or a colleague that dreams of climbing Elbrus? Will your parents be happy to go somewhere for the weekend? Fulfill these desires.


The most important in the world are not things. Give an impression.


A gift certificate for a trip is an excellent solution for a birthday, New Year or any other holiday. Everyone will be glad of such a surprise.



A gift trip certificate can be issued for any amount or you can choose a tour that you would like to give. Our collection has more than 70 options for outdoor activities in Russia. Including short weekend tours. There are truly desirable directions: Altai, Baikal, Kamchatka. There are premium offers — expeditions to the North Pole or to Antarctica. The choice is yours! 


Would you like to receive such a gift certificate? Send a link to this page to your friends ;)


Certificate from RussiaDiscovery is a great gift for a traveler. Choose a convenient format: paper and/or electronic. The first is printed on thick paper pleasant to the touch. We will issue an electronic one with a photograph of your choice and send it by email. 



Rules for using a gift certificate:

  • A gift certificate cannot be returned or cashed.
  • If a certificate is presented for a specific tour, but the client cannot or does not want to go on this particular tour, he/she can exchange it for another one, equal to the nominal value of the certificate.
  • If the certificate is donated for the amount that is not enough to pay for the selected tour, the client pays the remaining cost on his/her own.
  • If the certificate is donated for an amount that exceeds the cost of the selected tour, the balance is stored on the client’s personal account until the certificate expires.
  • When buying a tour for a certain amount or a tour with an open date, the tour operator cannot guarantee availability for certain dates of arrival. The gift certificate is not a guarantee, the reservation is made only after the customer requests.


In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on We are always here to help!