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Travel in Russia and the Coronavirus

Date: 08.04.2020

Spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) around the globe, cancelation of festivals and all kinds of public events, closure of boarders — it seems that everything and everyone around is saying that "travel is over".  What is the situation in Russia and should you refuse from planning trips to the country in the near future...Let's figure it out. 

Your safety on all our routes is our highest priority. And this applies not only to the choice of route, equipment, work of guides, but also to the health environment.


What is current situation in Russia with regards to coronavirus?

If you look at the world map of the distribution of coronavirus, then in comparison with other countries, Russia has not that many cases and might look more secure.

Measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus spread taken by the Government of Russian Federation started with cancellation of public events: the regular championships are set on hold, Gyms have been closed, schools and universities have introduced on-line studies and many workers have switched to work-from-home format. 

Regarding traveling the current status is the following: 

For foreign tourists entrance restrictions were introduced frоm the 18th of March till the 1st of May

The situation continues to be turbulent and new actions are introduced. 

Though there are currently no officially announced bans for traveling within Russia, and the trains still run between the cities, there are restrictions: 

  • According to the order of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, until June 1, 2020, accommodation of tourists in pensions, rest homes, sanatoriums and hotels located in resorts of federal, regional and local importance is suspended.
  • Moscow has enacted a citywide quarantine from 30th March, and so did Russia's second-largest city St. Petersburg by announcing stay-at-home orders for their residents.  
  • Other regions have also stepped up its measures to tackle the pandemic and prevent its spread within the country. 

We are closely following the news and will update this article as new data is received.


Should you refuse to plan trips because of the coronavirus? 

The situation in the whole world and Russia is changing every hour, however, we believe this doesn’t mean you have to stop planning. In fact, more time is there for thorough research and discovery of new amazing destinations that could be added to your travel wish list. Now is the time to plan your dreams!
Planning a dream is safe. So, our answer to the question “Should I refuse to plan trips because of the coronavirus?” is definitely “NO”.

Believe it or not, but even in this situation there are pluses: 

  • many airlines have changed terms of tickets exchange and cancelation to more flexible, as well as options for early booking for lower price  
  • improving ecological situation all over the world due to less carbon emission. Nature is restoring in places where previously there was continuous flow of tourists
  • more time to discover new destinations and include them in your travel plan

Perhaps this is a really good time to discover Russia - virtual travels are safe :) Our blog has articles and videos about the most interesting, prominent places in Russia that are worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. You can start with this collection:


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Also, some inspiration can be found in our Facebook and Instagram accounts — you will find beautiful locations and significant views there, as well as comments of tourists from abroad who have already had an adventure in Russia.


If you want to plan a travel, but not sure if you can get a refund in case you book a tour and the situation remains unfavorable

Our tourists who (like us) believe that the situation will stabilize at one point and plan a travel around Russia, for instance, in summer, often have the following question: will it be possible to return money for the tour in case the situation remains unfavorable? Here is the answer:

There are two scenarios. 

The first is standard: when booking a tour in RussiaDiscovery, you can always cancel the trip and make a refund in accordance with the terms of the contract. If there will be more than 45 left before the start of the tour, we will refund 100% of the tour price. More than 20 days - 70%. More than 7 days - 50%. In case of cancellation of the tour less than 7 days before its start, the cost is not refundable. If the trip is canceled due to illness or difficult family circumstances, with a certificate, a full refund is possible, with the exception of the direct costs incurred.

The second option is anti-crisis: we understand that in the current unstable economic and epidemiological situation, it is important for you to be confident in safe travel planning. Do not be afraid to lose money due to cancellation of a trip.

That is why we have created a special collection of tours with free cancellation. When ordering them: 

  • it is enough to deposit 10% of the tour, min 125 EUR, the final payment — 21 day before the start of the tour;
  • free cancellation 21 day before the start of the tour;
  • when deciding to refuse a trip less than 21 day before the start of the tour, you can transfer the reservation to other dates or choose one of the other routes in the same region. Or return the payment made minus the actual costs incurred

At the moment there are the following itineraries with free cancellation:

We are already negotiating with partners and want this collection to include as many routes in Russia as possible. 

Third option: Early booking for future seasons. Easy way to reduce the risk of price increase. It is important for us that you are not afraid to plan trips. After all, when the situation stabilizes, travel will be the best way to relax and reboot from stress.


Do not cancel the trip, change the dates

We believe that after some time we will all be able to move around the city, Russia and the whole world without fear. In the meantime, we are doing our best to make it easier for you to adjust your plans if necessary.

For the first time we found ourselves in that kind of situation, and each of us is learning to cope with it. Thanks to everyone who stays with us during this difficult time! We hope that everything will work out soon, and all trips, both planned and postponed, will certainly take place.

Have a look at our collection of tours and find your favorite. In order not to give up your dreams and travel plans, options with flexible terms of exchange and return will be just right.

There are more than 70 routes in Russia in our catalog. If you need help with a choice, please call tel. +7 (495) 104-64-36 or write to

Take care of yourself and stay safe!!  

From RussiaDiscovery with love.