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Expedition to the Pole of Cold
Ethnic trip to Yakutia in winter


Oymyakon is one of the most inclement inhabited places on Earth. It is the land of permafrost, where thermometers record the lowest temperatures in the world. Not only people, but also animals have to survive in such harsh conditions. You will see special breeds of Yakut horses and cows, go on dog sledding, taste traditional Even cuisine and participate in the mysterious ethnic purification rite.

Experiences you'll have

Expedition to the Pole of Cold

from 12 y.o.
Group size
from 4 to 6
8 days

Accomodation at the trip

7 nights
from 124 000 rub

Winter journey to Yakutia

«I was wearing thin trousers when I first stepped outside into – 47 °C (-52°F). I remember feeling like the cold was physically gripping my legs, the other surprise was that occasionally my saliva would freeze into needles that would prick my lips» – Amos Chapple, New Zealand-based photographer.


Participating in this ethno-expedition will let you see a completely different reality. You will see unusual phenomenan, e.g.freezing boiling water, which are only possible at extremely low temperatures. 


An eventful excursion program is waiting for you in this journey. You will go to the famous Lena pillars, visit farms where Yakut cows and horses are bred. Get acquainted with cultural, historical and natural heritage of Yakutia in various museums of the Republic of Sakha.



You will observe how the evens-reindeer herders survive in extremely low temperatures. Get acquainted with their traditions and even participate in mystical pagan rites.


The tour's cost depends on the number of participants in the group:

  • 4-6 persons — 124 000 RUB 
  • 2-3 persons — 196 000 RUB 


Photos by Sergey Dolya

Маршрут тура

The journey begins in Yakutsk, where you must travel to on your own. We are ready to assist with the purchase of tickets. If necessary, leave a comment in the order.

Day 1

You will be met at the airport and transferred to a hotel. Here, you will accommodate, have breakfast and rest. Then, you will go to ethnographic complex "Chochur-Muran". Here, you will acquainted with Yakutian Laika and have a dog sledding tour on the lake Ytyk Kuel. Lunch will be served in a restaurant in "Chochur Muran" complex.

In the afternoon, you will visit an underground ice gallery "Kingdom of Permafrost". It is a tourist complex set inside the mountain where the throne-room of Chyskhaan is located. Chyskhaan — Yakut Lord of Coldness, the residence of Father Frost from Veliky Ustyug and chamber of Lord of the North. You can also visit a unique showroom of ice sculptures called "Planet Yakutia". We also recommend visiting the Museum of Permafrost: ice-run and ice bar are at your service.


During the sightseeing tour of Yakutsk, you will also visit the North History and Culture Museum and Mammoth Museum, view interesting paleontological exposure.


Then, you will have dinner in the restaurant of national cuisine "Muus Khaia". After that, you will be transferred to the hotel.

Day 2

After breakfast, you will go to one of the most famous natural places of interest in Yakutia — Lena pillars. This is a complex of steep bizarre shaped rocks, the height of which reaches 220 meters.


You will have a light snack on the way, and then you will go up of the pillars.


In the afternoon, you will have lunch in a cafe and go back to Yakutsk. In the evening, you will have dinner and relax in the hotel.

Day 3

After breakfast, you will leave Yakutsk and travel to Oymyakon. The distance is 1000 km, so you will have an intermediate stop for the night in the Khandyga village.


Along the way, you can also stop at Tattinsky district to visit the Museum complex Cherkeh. You will have lunch in a cafe. Upon arrival in Khandyga, you will accommodate in a private hotel and have dinner.

Day 4

After breakfast, you will continue travelling to Oimyakon. The route lies through the Verkhoyansk mountain ranges, along the Kolyma Tract. It was called "Road on bones" because it was built by Gulag prisoners during Stalin's repressions.


You will stop for lunch at the East weather station, and arrive in Oymyakon late at night. Here, you have dinner and accommodate in a private hotel.

Day 5

You will have breakfast and then go to the farm of Yakut cows. They are smaller than ordinary cows in weight and size, but have exceptional survivability in harsh nature.


After lunch, you will visit the coldest place on the planet. The extreme negative temperature -71,2 °C was registered here. Then, you will participate in ice fishing on the Indigirka river.


Today, you will watch the performance of children's ethnographic dance ensemble in Oymyakon, after which the participants of the expedition will be awarded with the Cold Pole certificate.


Also, today you will take part in the program "The feature of the Cold Pole" and then return to the hotel. Here you will have dinner and go to the bathhouse.

Day 6

After an early breakfast, you will depart from Oymyakon to the Yuchugey village. Here, you will visit the Yakut horses farm, learn about the features of their habitat and horse breeders' life. Upon request, you can ride a horse.


Today, you will try something unusual. You will participate in a pagan purification rite named Algys with ritual fire lighting and fire feeding.


After lunch, you will visit the local history museum in Tomtor village. Then, you will come back to Khandyga, have dinner and rest in hotel.

Day 7

After an early breakfast, you will go back to Yakutsk. You will arrive in the city at around 4 p.m. and check in at Lena Hotel.


After that, you will have free time for a walk, souvenir and jewelry shopping. In the evening, you will have dinner in the hotel's restaurant and relax.

Day 8

After early breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport, from where you will have a flight back home. 

Accomodation at the trip

In Yakutsk you will stay at Lena Hotel 3*. You will live in standard double rooms with cable TV, a wardrobe, work area, refrigerator and bathroom with toiletries. There is free Wi-Fi in the hotel.


In Khandyga and Oymyakon you will accomodate at private guest houses.

Who will be my guide

One guide and one driver accompany a group of 6 people. Instructors with great experience will help traverse the route safely and comfortably. They are ready for any unexpected situation: they finished first aid Red Cross courses.

What should I bring with me
  • warm clothes
  • vitamins, medicine
  • personal hygiene items
Meals during the trip

The cost of the tour includes three meals per day, except for lunches and dinners in Yakutsk restaurants — guests order from the menu and pay for themselves. There are also light snacks during long journeys (lunch boxes, hot tea and coffee).

What will the weather be like

There are frosts from -30 to -40°C in Yakutsk, and extremely low temperatures up to -65°C may occur in Oymyakon. As a rule, there are no strong winds, the weather is usually sunny.


Expedition to the Pole of Cold

from 12 y.o.
Group size
from 4 to 6
8 days

Accomodation at the trip

7 nights
from 124 000 rub
What's included in the price:
  • double accommodation in Lena Hotel 3*

  • accommodation in private hotels in Oymyakon, Khandyga

  • three meals per day

  • excursions according to the program

  • meeting/sending off at the Yakutsk airport  

  • transfers according to the program 

  • insurance

  • satellite communications

Extra charge:
3 Jan 2020, Fri — 11 Jan 2020, Sat
from 124 000 rub
21 Feb 2020, Fri — 29 Feb 2020, Sat
from 124 000 rub
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