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Secrets of the Far North
Expedition to Chukotka


In the most eastern part of Russia where the Far North lays down strict rules indigenous people of the Chukotkan coast live for many centuries already. Their neighbors are warluses and whales, their place of life is a polar tundra. Board a motor boat to explore the glitziest bays, walk along the coastline and see the edge of the world where people have merged with a beautiful wildlife.

Experiences you'll have

Secrets of the Far North

Group size
from 4 to 8
12 days

Accomodation at the trip

10 nights
1 nights
from 295 000 rub

A Chukotka Journey

Starting the journey from the heart of Chukotka, its capital Anadyr, you will explore the north-easternmost part of the Eurasian continent. Crossing bays, having sea passages and going deep in tundra are in program of your days. This exotic destination will open the lifestyle of indigenous people including Chukchi and Eskimos. Reindeer herders will tell you their stories about life in the North and whale hunters will share their experience with you.


During days out on the sea with stops in beautiful spots you will get acquainted with an exotic wildlife. Various types of birds like puffins, guillemot, kittiwake gull on Merkinkan and Nunenogan Islands will leave you in awe. Rookeries of seals along Mechigmen Bay will produce an impact on every traveler.

All data on the tour participants should be submitted minimum 50 days before the date of arrival in Chukotka. This time is needed for applying for the borderline zone permit.

Bathing in Senyavin Hot Springs, watching amazing landscapes of the Beringia National Park, touching an ancient Eskimo monument Whale Alley made of whale ribs will become a lifetime experience.


Маршрут тура

The journey begins in Anadyr, and you have to get there on your own. We are ready to assist with the purchase of tickets. If necessary, leave a comment in your application.


Note that to be in Anadyr by the start of the program, you have to depart from Moscow the day before. The flight operated by Utair airline departs from Moscow, Vnukovo airport, at around 7 pm on Sunday. Contact our manager for details.


Weather in Chukotka is extremely volatile. Flight delays due to weather are nothing uncommon. In case of a delayed flight in the last day of the tour, you will stay in Anadyr for 2 more days. The next flight is on Monday. Please consider this when buying international tickets.

Day 1

After an overnight flight, you will arrive in Anadyr at around 12:30 pm. After meeting with your English-speaking activity instructor at the airport, you will have a transfer across Anadyr Bay to the city of Anadyr (approximately 1,5 hour). Here, you will accommodate in a private apartment and have Russian dumplings for lunch.


In the afternoon you will go for a walking tour of Anadyr. This northern town on the shore of the sea is the capital of Chukotka Autonomous District and the largest city in this area. You will get acquainted with local sights and visit a wooden Holy Trinity Cathedral.


In the evening you will have dinner with red caviar and other local delicacies.

Day 2

After breakfast you will go to Museum of Chukotka Heritage in Anadyr.


After having a home-made lunch, you will visit a bone carving or tailoring workshop. In the evening there will be a performance of a folklore throat singing or dancing group. Then, you will have a home-made dinner.

Day 3

In the morning you will be transferred to Anadyr airport (1,5 hour). You will have a local flight to the village of Lavrentiya. After lunch in a cafe, you will see the village with a walking tour and will visit the local museum.


Next stop is the village of Lorino, where 90% of population is indigenous people. To get here we will need off-road vehicles. You will have a home-made dinner and will stay in a private apartment in the village.

Day 4

Today you will have a boat tour to the sea. Seeing gray whales and learning local traditions of fishing including whale hunting are in the program today.


After lunch with seafood, you will have a walking tour of the village and will visit the base of marine hunters.

Day 5

Today you can choose to spend a day in the village of Lorino or to go to reindeer herders' camp. It is an optional service not included in the price of the tour.


By cross-country vehicles you will go to reindeer herding brigade. On the road you will have lunch and take photos of tundra. After meeting with reindeer herders, you will exchange gifts, listen to their stories about life in tundra and have a traditional dinner together. Workshops of cooking venison meals and throwing a lasso for catching a deer are waiting for you in the camp.

Day 6

After breakfast with reindeer herders, you will go back to the village of Lorino. During the trip you have a picnic.

Day 7

This day there will be a sea passage along Mechigmen Bay where you will see seabirds and seals. After picnic the next destination will be Getlyangen lagoon. Here you will enjoy a wonderful wildlife observing whales and bearded seals.


After crossing the sea, you will arrive in the village of Yanrakynnot. Here you will have a walking tour and stay overnight.

Day 8

A sea passage to Senyavin Hot Springs is planned for today. Here you will be accommodated in a guest house Beringia National Park.


After picnic you will walk to the hot springs and enjoy bathing there. Why not to pick some mushrooms and berries on the way?

Day 9

After breakfast you will go to Yttygran Island by a motor boat of sea hunters (12 km, 2 hours). You will meet gray whales, warluses, seals and such seabirds as Pelagic Cormorant and Horned Puffins on your way. A world-famous mysterious monument of Eskimo history and culture 'Whale Alley' will leave a lasting impression on you. Next spot is Nunengan Island (6 km) and the largest 'bird market' in the Senyavin Strait — thousands of birds like guillemot, kittiwake gull, pelagic cormorant, are nestling here.


You will have a picnic and reach Rumilet Bay by sea. By off-road vehicle you will get to the village of Provideniya. Here you will have a tour, visit a local museum and see the monument dedicated to Vitus Bering's first expedition to Kamchatka.

Day 10

After presentation in the Beringia National Park, you will go by off-road vehicles to Eskimo settlement Novoe Chaplino (25 km). Here you will meet with indigenous people. Then you will be back to the village of Provideniya where you will stay one more night.

Day 11

After early breakfast you will be transferred to the Airport of Provideniya. From here you will have a flight to Anadyr.


 In Anadyr you will go fishing for salmon on Anadyr Bay. After picnic on the beach, you can buy caviar and other souvenirs. In the evening there will be a farewell dinner at the restaurant 'Otke House'.

Day 12

After crossing Anadyr Bay by ferry you will have an excursion to the abandoned military base of Gudym with a picnic in the military style.


You will be transferred to the airport. Flight to Moscow is at 3 pm. You will arrive to Moscow on the same day at around 3-4 pm.

Accomodation at the trip

During the trip you will stay in private apartments. Days 1-2, 11-12 in Anadyr, days 3-6 in Lorino village and days 9-10 in the village of Provideniya.


In the village of Yanrakynnot on day 7 you will live in the local school — 4-6 people in a room.


Day 8 you will spend in the guest house in the Beringia National Park.


In case you deсide to visit a reindeer herders' camp on day 5, you will spend a night in a national raw-hide tent in the reindeer camp, or in an off-road vehicle.

Who will be my guide?

An experienced guide will meet you at Anadyr Airport and guide you throughout the journey.

What to bring

Summer-average temperature is about +10-15°С. However, as the tour mostly consists of sea trips, the perceived temperature is going to be around +5°С.

So you have to bring warm clothes: a hooded storm jacket, a fleece jacket (for additional heat insulation), a vest with a synthetic or down insulation, water- and windproof pants or bib-and-brace overalls, warm thermal underwear, a few pairs of warm socks, ankle or trekking boots, warm gloves, and a hat.

Also bring a swimsuit, a towel, and slippers (crocs or something similar) for hot spring swimming. To keep your cameras safe from seawater when boating, take a waterproof backpack. You will also need sunglasses and individual medicines.

Will I need a pass to the border area

The Chukotka Autonomous Okrug is located in a border area, so the rules of stay are very strict. You will need a pass to enter Chukotka.


All data on the tour participants should be submitted minimum 50 days before the date of arrival in Chukotka, in time for application for the borderline zone permit.


Upon landing the copy of your Chukotka permit will be checked by local border officers. The original one will be with the guide who will meet you outside the airport.

Will I have connectivity

Mobile connectivity is mostly very poor or non-existent in this region.


Secrets of the Far North

Group size
from 4 to 8
12 days

Accomodation at the trip

10 nights
1 nights
from 295 000 rub
What's included in the price:
  • Accommodation as per itinerary

  • Meals (full board)

  • Visa support

  • Borderline zone permit

  • Flights Anadyr — the village of Lavrentiya — Anadyr

  • Transfers as per itinerary

  • English-speaking guide

  • Concerts and sightseeing program as per itinerary

  • Museum entrance fees

Extra charge:
  • Flights to/from Anadyr, starting at 50 000 RUB for a round-trip ticket

  • Optional services available on the spot — visiting reindeer herders camp

  • Any kind of spirits

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