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Siberian holidays
General tour to Altai


If you have never been to Altai and want to see all the most picturesque places during the one trip, we recommend you to choose this route. Turquoise lakes and rivers, vast plains and mountain tops, one of the most beautiful roads in the world and even the valley similar to Mars are waiting for you here.

Experiences you'll have

Siberian holidays

Group size
from 4 to 14
12 days

Accomodation at the trip

5 nights
6 nights
from 109 000 rub

Tour to Altai mountains

There are a lot of tourist routes to Altai, but we are sure that this trip will be the best for the first acquaintance with the region.


You will cover about 1700 km on a comfortable minibus for 12 days. During this time you will visit almost all the main places of interest of the Altai Mountains:

  • see the famous turquoise Katun river
  • drive along the Chuysk tract, which is in the top 10 of most beautiful roads in the world, according to National Geographic
  • take a photo on the Geyser lake's bank
  • feel yourself like on the Mars
  • go down from the picturesque Katu-Yaryk mountain pass to the Chulyshman river valley
  • see snow-capped mountain peaks over 4000 m high
  • walk to three mountain waterfalls
  • cross on a boat the huge Lake Teletskoye, which is called «the younger brother of Lake Baikal»
  • climb the hill where the «stone mushrooms» grow
  • visit the world-famous Pazyryk mounds
  • understand how traditional dwellings of the Altai inhabitants are created
  • learn the history of the Altai Princess found on the Ukok plateau
  • play the national musical instruments at a throat singing concert.


If you prefer comfort conditions during travelling, than you will appreciate this tour to Altai. Every day you will have simple trekking without backpacks. And you will spend the night in comfortable hotels or tourist bases located at the picturesque places.


Photo by Alena Chudanova

Маршрут тура

The journey begins in Barnaul, where you must travel to on your own. We are ready to assist with the tickets purchasing. If necessary, leave a comment in the order.


We recommend you to choose flights of Aeroflot, Ural airlines or S7 airlines arriving in Barnaul before 7 a.m.

Day 1

Early in the morning you will be met at the airport and taken to the Barnaul Hotel, located in the city center, where you can relax after a night flight.


At 1 p.m. you will meet with the guide in the hotel's lobby. After that you will go for lunch (paid by yourself).


Next, you will have an excursion programm in Barnaul. You will visit the Altai State History Museum, which houses more than 150 thousand exhibits. Visit the private Museum of Pharmacy of the Altai Mountains. Take a walk through the Nagorny park and the Ob river embankment, which offers great city views.


In the evening you will return to the hotel, where you will have dinner and rest before the trip.

Day 2

After breakfast you will pack your bags and take a comfortable minibus to the side of the Altai Mountains. Along the way, you will make a stop in Biysk. It is the old merchant town, founded by Peter the Great's decree.

Continuing the route along the Chuysk tract, you will stop at the Arzhan-Suu wellspring. The water here is saturated with silver, copper and other minerals. You can taste it and get water.


Then, you will visit a maral breeding complex, which is located in the gorge of Karym river. Here, you will see marals and wild horses grazing on meadows, and will learn the process of preparing velvet antlers.   


In the evening you will reach the Salute Hotel, located on the bank of the Katun river. Have dinner and rest.


The route length: 340 km by car, 3 km on foot.

Day 3

After beakfast you will set off to the Chemal village, where you will visit a traditional Altai dwelling, called «ail». You will immerse into the atmosphere of X-XIII centuries and get acquainted with the nomads' culture and life.


Then take a walk along the hanging bridge to the Patmos island, where the women's skit of the Barnaul Znamensky monastery is located. Near the temple you will see the image of the Blessed Virgin with the baby, cut down in the rock.


Then you will walk along the bank of the Katun river to Chemal hydroelectric power station, which was built in 1935 and greatly damaged during the floods in 2014.


After lunch you will go the Checkas canyon. Go up to the waterfall and to the view point, which offers a beautiful panorama of the Katun river. Then you will drive to the Oroktoiskiy bridge. It is a picturesque, very narrow and deep place on the river. By the evening you will return to the hotel, where you will have dinner and rest.


The route length: 125 km by car, 3 km on foot.

Day 4

After breakfast you will pack your bags and continue your journey along the Chuysk tract. You will pass through its highest point — the Seminsky mountain pass (1739 m high).


Then you will reach the Uch-Enmek ethno-natural park. Accomodate at the tourist complex and taste the traditional Altai cuisine.


In the afternoon you will walk through the Karakol valley, where you will see the ancient mounds.


In the evening you will return to the tourist complex and take a part in the concert of throat singing. You will see how to play the traditional musical instruments, and will be given an opportunity to try it yourself.


The route length: 170 km by car, 1 km on foot.

Day 5

Having had breakfast and packed your bags you will go further to the south of the Altai Mountains. During the way you will make a stop at the picturesque Chike-Taman pass at the altitude of 1295 m. And then at the confluence of the Chuya and Katun rivers.


Then you will visit the Kalbak-Tash Hole, which is famous by its ancient rock paintings named Petroglyphs. The oldest of them belong to the 8th millennium B.C.


After that you will have a snack, and then continue travelling to the Kochevnik Tourist base, where you will have dinner, go to the bathhouse and rest.


The route length: 175 km by car, 1 km on foot.

Day 6

After breakfast you will drive along the Chuysk tract towards the Mongolian border.


You will get to the famous Geyser lake, which has an amazing bright turquoise color. Then make a stop in the Kurai steppe, observing the snowy peaks of the North-Chuysk mounatin range up to 4000 m high.


Then you will reach the Kyzyl-Chin river valley, where you will see the unusual colored mountains, which called the Altai Mars by all the locals. The nature here has created unreal landscapes of different shades of red – from bright orange to dark brown. You will have a few hours to walk, take pictures and have lunch outdoors.


In the evening you will return to the tourist base, have dinner and go to the bathhouse.


The day route length: 180 km by car, 7 km on foot.

Day 7

After breakfast you'll continue the car route. You will pass through the Red gates, where the road goes through a narrow passageway between two reddish colored rocks. Also you will cross the Ulagan mountain pass, the highest one in Altai (2080 m high).

Then visit the world famous Pazyryk Tumuli (kurgans) with ancient Scythian burial mounds.


You will have lunch outdoor and then you will see one of the famous Altai landscapes – a great view from the Katu-Yaryk pass top to the Chulyshman river valley. The car with your bags will go down the mountain serpentine, and you will walk after it on foot.


In the evening you will arrive at the Ezen tourist camp, where you can rest, have supper and bath.


The route length: 120 km by car, 3,5 km on foot.

Day 8

Having had breakfast, you will cross the Chulyshman river by boat and then walk to the Kurkure waterfall, its height is more than 30 metres. Today you will have been trekking for 3-4 hours.


You'll be back to the base in the afternoon. Have a lunch and rest. If you wish, you can walk to another waterfall or raft on the river for an additional fee.


In the evening you will have dinner and go to the bathhouse.


The route length: 6 km on foot.

Day 9

After breakfast you will drive along Chulyshman to the mouth of the Karasu river.


Нere your trekking to the Stone mushrooms will start. Climbing up the mountainside will not be easy, so you should be prepared for it and have comfortable shoes. But the views are worth seeing: these amazing natural stones reach a 10 meters high.


After lunch you will continue travelling to the southern bank of lake Teletskoye. There you will stay at the Kyrsay tourist base, have dinner and take a bath.


The route length: 90 km by car, 5 km on foot.

Day 10

After breakfast you will pack your bags and take the boat. During the boat-trip across Lake Teletskoye you will reach its northern part.


You will make a stop at the Korbu waterfall 12.5 meters high. And then drive to the Artybash village, locateded in the North of the lake. You will have lunch there and stay at the hotel. 


After lunch you will have free time to walk around the village and buy some souvenirs.


The route length: 80 km by boat, 2 km on foot.

Day 11

After breakfast you will go to Gorno-Altaysk for visiting the National Museum of Altai Republic. It possesses an excellent collection, telling about the Altai nature, history and culture.


One of the main Museum's values is the mummy of the Altai Princess, found on the Ukok plateau. Its sarcophagus is open only on certain days according to the Museum's schedule. We hope you're lucky to see it.


After lunch you will return to Barnaul and check in at the hotel about 7 p.m. You can have your own dinner and rest after the trip.


The route length: 430 km by car.

Day 12

You will have breskfast, after that transfer to the airport will be organized.

Accomodation at the trip

On the first and last day of the trip you will stay at the Barnaul Hotel.  Аt your service standard double room with TV and Wi-Fi. The hotel is located in the city centre, within walking distance of cafes and shops.


The second and third nights you will spend at the Salute Hotel, located on the banks of the Katun river. It offers double rooms with shower room and a TV. There are also a billiards table, a ping-pong table, a living room with a fireplace, a children's Playground and pergolas at the hotel's area.


On the fourth day you will stay at the Karakol Tourist compleх, which is located in the center of the Karakol ethno-natural Park «Uch-Enmek». Standard double rooms are waiting for you. Shower and toilet are located on the floor.


The fifth and sixth nights will spend at the Kochevnik Tourist base. You will be accommodated in double houses on the banks of the Chuya river. Toilet and wash basins are located on the base area, and you can visit the bathhouse in the evenings.


On the seventh and eighth days you will stay at the Ezen Tourist base. It is located on the banks of the Chulyshman river, near the Katu-Yaryk mountain pass. You will stay in double wooden houses. Facilities are located at the base. In the evenings you can visit the bathhouse.


The ninth night will be held at the Kyrsay Tourist base, on the southern bank of  Lake Teletskoye. You will be accommodated in double houses made of cedar timber with facilities at the base. In the evening visit the bathhouse.


The tenth night you will spend at the Artybash Hotel, located on the bank of the Biya river and surrounded by ancient pines. The double room offers a TV, Wi-Fi and a private bathroom.

What to bring
  • Small backpack 
  • Trousers 
  • T-shirts 
  • Light waterproof jacket with hood 
  • Long-sleeved shirt 
  • Sweater 
  • Wooly hat 
  • Wooly and cotton socks 
  • Footwear: trekking shoes, slippers 
  • Photo and video equipment 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Flashlight with a set of spare batteries 
  • Sunscreen and after-sun cream 
  • Personal first-aid kit 
Mobile communication and Internet

On the 7th, 8th and 9th days of the trip you will not have any mobile communication and Internet. Please keep it in mind and tell your relatives and friends about it.

What will the weather be like

Daytime temperature ranges from +10 to +30°C, at night can drop to 0°C.


Siberian holidays

Group size
from 4 to 14
12 days

Accomodation at the trip

5 nights
6 nights
from 109 000 rub
What's included in the price:
  • Accommodation in hotels and tourist bases (11 nights)

  • FB (except lunch and dinner on the 1st day, dinner on the 11th day)

  • Transfer from/to the Barnaul airport 

  • All tour transfers on a comfortable minibus

  • A guide/interpreter service

  • Excursions according to the program, including Folk throat singing concert 

  • Boat rental on Lake Teletskoe 

  • Russian bathhouse (5 times)

  • Museum tickets and recreational fees

  • All permits and licenses, registration of foreigners, visa support letter

Extra charge:
  • International/domestic flights

  • Lunch and dinner on the 1st day, dinner on the 11th day

  • Single Accomodation (+11000 RUB), double bed (+5700 RUB) per person, optionally

  • Visa 

  • Travel insurance 

  • Additional charges in tourist complexes 

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